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You could be eligible for a Covid Recovery Certificate for Travel in Worcester, Cheltenham or West Midlands if you've had a positive Covid-19 test within the last 6 months but have since recovered fully.

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Covid-19 Recovery Certificate Cheltenham, Worcester & West Midlands
How to book Covid-19 Recovery Certificate Cheltenham, Worcester & West Midlands

Step 1: Book Online video consultation

Submit passport for Covid-19 Recovery Certificate Cheltenham, Worcester & West Midlands

Step 2: Submit a copy of your passport & positive covid-19 test result

Step 3: Information reviewed by Doctor and certificate issued within 3 hours

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What is a recovery certificate?

A recovery certificate confirms that you’ve contracted COVID-19 before but have recovered and developed natural immunity to fight off re-infection.

Who can get a recovery certificate?

If you are aged 5+ and have evidence of a COVID-19 test result between 10-180 days and have recovered, you will be eligible. In some countries the certificate may be valid for 90 days following a positive test or 180 days. Please check with your destination before you purchase the certificate.

How can I prove that I don’t have COVID-19 symptoms?

People who have had Covid-19 usually recover after 10 days. But if you still feel sick and unwell you may have not recovered yet. The assessment will be based on the symptoms you may have during the assessment.

What type of covid-19 test do you accept as evidence?

Most countries now accept both a PCR test or a *Rapid Antigen test as evidence of your recent Covid-19 infection (Please check destination requirements)

Please provide an official test report or NHS email containing your name, date of birth and type of test (must have been logged with the NHS)

We cannot accept photos of test cassettes, your tests need to have been verified by a healthcare professional.

*Please check destination requirements as some may require the test carried out or supervised by a healthcare professional

What documents do I need to provide as evidence?
  • Valid passport
  • COVID-19 test report which displays the following:
    Type of test
    Date of sample
    Test Result
    Name of laboratory (not required for NHS test results)

This evidence will be required to be in a format that can be sent during the video consultation e.g., PDF or Image Files

How do I access the video consultation appointment?

Once you have booked an appointment time, you will receive a Zoom Meeting ID which you will need to access at the specific time and date of your appointment.

You will be required to sign up for a free account if you do not have one already via

It is advisable that you sign in/sign up beforehand, check that you can access it and check your video and sound. This will prevent any delays during your appointment.

How long does it take to receive my certificate?

Your COVID-19 proof of recovery certificate will be sent within 3 hours after your appointment once all the information has been reviewed by the Doctor.

The certificate will be sent to your registered email address

What is included on the certificate?
  • Date of Certificate
  • Unique ID Code
  • Full Name & Date of Birth
  • Date & type of your positive test
  • A statement to the effect that you have had Covid-19 but are now recovered and not considered to be infections
  • A statement to the effect that you have been free of covid-19 symptoms for the past 72 hours
  • Signature of the GMC doctor authorising your certificate
Are children eligible for a COVID-19 recovery certificate?

Children aged over 5 are eligible.

How long should I wait to apply for a recovery certificate after my symptoms or test?

If you have not had symptoms for 48 hours, you can apply for it after 10 days.

Which countries can I travel to with the covid recovery certificate?

Due to the ever-changing rules and regulations, it is advisable to check with your destination country travel rules.

How long is the recovery certificate valid for?

There is a debate with regards to how long immunity lasts - some countries claim 90 days and others up to 180 days. It is recommended that you check your country's travel requirements with regards to the validity of the recovery certificate. We will add the date of your positive test result on the recovery certificate to ensure it is valid.

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